The Media’s Gaslighting on Biden’s Decline Is This Election’s Laptop Cover-Up


The media’s handling of President Joe Biden's evident cognitive decline is drawing sharp criticism, with comparisons to the infamous suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. Critics argue that the media is deliberately downplaying Biden's health issues, which are increasingly hard to ignore as the election approaches.

Over the past year, numerous incidents have highlighted Biden's apparent frailty. These include him appearing confused during public events, struggling with physical movements, and making frequent verbal gaffes. Despite these visible signs, the mainstream media has largely portrayed Biden as capable and energetic, dismissing any concerns as politically motivated attacks​.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently dismissed videos showing Biden's awkward moments as "cheap fakes," a spin on the term "deepfakes," implying these videos were manipulated. This response has been met with skepticism and criticism, with some accusing the administration of Orwellian tactics—telling people to reject the evidence of their own eyes and ears​.

The controversy is not just limited to public perceptions but has significant political implications. Biden's cognitive decline has been an open secret since his 2020 campaign, but the situation has reportedly worsened. According to The Wall Street Journal, even Biden’s allies have expressed concerns about his declining health behind closed doors. This has forced media outlets, traditionally supportive of Biden, to acknowledge these issues reluctantly​ ​.

The media’s attempt to shield Biden has parallels with the Hunter Biden laptop saga, where major outlets suppressed the story, labeling it Russian disinformation. This strategy arguably influenced the 2020 election by preventing voters from accessing potentially damaging information about the Biden family. Critics now claim that the same playbook is being used to protect Joe Biden from scrutiny over his cognitive abilities​​.

In addition to the media’s defense of Biden, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that Biden's cognitive issues are impacting his presidency. Instances of Biden appearing disoriented during major international events and even routine domestic ceremonies have become more frequent. Such episodes have raised alarms about his capability to handle the pressures of the presidency, especially as he seeks re-election​​.

Moreover, the media’s narrative is being challenged not just by conservative outlets but also by some mainstream journalists who find it increasingly difficult to ignore Biden's visible struggles. The pressure is mounting on media organizations to address the president's health issues more transparently, as voters deserve to have all relevant information ahead of the election​​.

In summary, the media’s treatment of Biden’s cognitive decline is shaping up to be a significant issue in the upcoming election. By downplaying or dismissing genuine concerns about Biden's health, the media risks eroding public trust and repeating the mistakes of the 2020 election coverage. As the election nears, the debate over Biden's fitness for office is likely to intensify, demanding greater transparency and accountability from both the administration and the press.


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