Cory Mills, Florida Republican, Heroically Rescues 32 Americans Stranded in Israel


Florida Republican Cory Mills has successfully rescued 32 American citizens stranded in Israel amidst escalating conflict with Hamas. This heroic act comes at a time when the White House seems to be dithering over its plan to evacuate stranded US citizens from the war-torn region.

Mills, an Iraq veteran, flew overnight to the combat zone to aid his fellow countrymen. This is not the first time Mills has stepped up in such a manner.

He previously provided similar assistance during the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in September 2021. His exact location in Israel remains undisclosed, and it is currently unknown whether he has safely returned to the US.

While Mills was actively rescuing American citizens, the White House was still contemplating its strategy for evacuating stranded Americans.

John Kirby, Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, stated there were ‘active conversations’ about how to bring Americans and dual citizens home, but no specific plans had been decided upon.

The State Department has yet to confirm the exact number of Americans or dual citizens residing in Israel. Tragically, 22 Americans have already lost their lives, and 17 remain missing, including a few who are feared to have been taken hostage by Hamas.

The White House has not yet decided whether it will negotiate with Hamas to secure their release.

Among those unaccounted for are young Israeli-American teenagers serving in the IDF. The casualties include husband and wife Deborah and Shlomi Mathias, who were brutally shot dead in front of their son, Rotem, on Saturday.

The 16-year-old survived by pretending to be dead.

This incident underscores the urgent need for decisive action from the White House. While the administration continues to deliberate, brave individuals like Cory Mills are stepping up to protect and rescue their fellow Americans.

It is a stark reminder of the importance of swift, decisive action in times of crisis.

Cory Mills’ heroic act serves as an example of true patriotism and courage. His actions should inspire our leaders to act decisively and swiftly to ensure the safety of all American citizens, both at home and abroad.