A Chilling Tale of Home Invasion and a Broken Prison System


In an alarming incident that sent shockwaves through the community, a family in Honolulu fell victim to a terrifying crime known as ‘phrogging.’

The perpetrator, Ezequiel Zayas, a mentally ill Satanist, was secretly living in their home while they were away on vacation. Upon their return, the family discovered Zayas not only invaded their privacy, but also planned to perform horrifying surgeries on them.

Zayas, who had no medical training, left behind a chilling ‘manifesto’ detailing his gruesome plans for the family. He even placed knives around the house in preparation for his horrific acts.

The family’s home was left in a state of disarray, with their belongings scattered and used by the intruder. This shocking incident underscores the need for homeowners to be vigilant about their security measures to prevent such horrifying invasions.

Despite the severity of his actions, Zayas was only charged with burglary and was released on supervised probation.

This lenient sentence is a stark reminder of the flaws in our justice system that often fail to adequately punish criminals and protect innocent citizens. The fact that Zayas was allowed back into society so quickly after committing such a heinous act is deeply concerning.

The story took a tragic turn when Zayas was later incarcerated for vandalizing a Buddhist temple. While in custody at the Oahu Community Correctional Center, he was placed in a cell with Vance Grace, a 62-year-old inmate nearing the end of his sentence for theft and drug offenses.

Despite Zayas’ clear mental instability and violent history, the prison officials failed to take necessary precautions, resulting in a fatal outcome.

Grace, who was just weeks away from freedom and had dreams of starting a new life, was brutally beaten to death by Zayas in their shared cell. The prison guards were unable to intervene in time due to a malfunctioning lock on the cell door.

This tragic incident highlights the dire need for reform in our prison system, which failed to protect an inmate from a known violent offender.

Grace’s son, Nelson Coburn, has since spoken out against the prison policies that led to his father’s untimely death. He argues despite his father’s past offenses, he deserved a level of safety while serving his sentence.

Coburn’s outcry serves as a poignant reminder that all individuals, regardless of their criminal history, have a right to safety and protection.

In the wake of this tragedy, it is crucial that we reevaluate our justice and prison systems. We must ensure they are equipped to handle mentally ill offenders like Zayas and provide adequate protection for all inmates.

Furthermore, we must also address the issue of home invasions and work towards implementing stricter laws and penalties for such crimes.