World Health Organization Demands "Permanent Adjustments" to Fight COVID-19

"World Health Organization Headquarters a" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by US Mission Geneva

Since the inception of the coronavirus, the goalposts of designated measures that Americans must follow have repeatedly moved.
First, Americans were told that merely 15 days were needed to “slow the spread” of the virus. 15 days came and went before shifting into 30 days and then to stay-at-home orders. After months of lockdowns and tens of millions of lost jobs, parts of the nation reopened with social distancing requirements and face mask mandates.

Amid pushback against such restrictions, politicians and health officials claimed that life would return to normal upon the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, weeks later, vaccine developers warned that social distancing and face coverings wouldn’t immediately vanish after the success of a vaccine.
Now, the World Health Organization is stating that everyone must make “permanent adjustments” for the sake of fighting coronavirus, as documented by sources.

WHO: “We Can’t Go Back” to Life Before COVID-19

Health officials are dropping all previous pretenses that a coronavirus vaccine would serve as the solution to this virus and a path to normal life. Now, the World Health Organization maintains that even once a vaccine for COVID-19 comes, it’s not a “silver bullet” for taking on the virus.

Not only is the WHO demanding that the world makes “permanent adjustments” to lifestyle choices, but the leading health organization maintains that people “cannot go back” to life before coronavirus. This presumably involves concerts, gatherings, an absence of social distancing, traveling without face masks, etc.
When sharing this on Friday, the WHO also made sure to note that previous “pandemics” in the world have prompted changes in societies and economies.

Will People Willingly Make “Permanent Adjustments?”

Tensions and intense emotions regarding mitigation strategies against coronavirus have remained high for quite some time. The notion of Americans permanently social distancing and wearing face masks, especially with the presence of a vaccine, is unlikely to sit well with many people in this country.
On Friday, the World Health Organization professed the coronavirus vaccine to be a “vital tool,” yet still maintains that this alone won’t be enough to contain the virus.

This has led to questions about the purpose of the vaccination if the virus will still be an issue after its production; these concerns come on top of some Americans’ apprehensions about the government attempting to mandate the vaccine.
What do you think about the World Health Organization calling for “permanent [lifestyle] adjustments” to fight COVID-19? Would you be willing to change your life forever because of coronavirus? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!