World Health Organization Comes Out Against Vaccine Passports

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In real-time, governments are working on implementing vaccine passports. New York has already begun a statewide vaccine passport program and Hawaii is strongly considering following suit. 

As Democrat governors work to implement vaccine passports into society, Republicans are doing the opposite. Conservatives do not believe it’s appropriate for the government or private sector to demand access to individuals’ personal health information.

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Thus far, the Republican governors of Texas and Florida have banned vaccine passports. GOP governors in Nebraska, Georgia, South Dakota, and Tennessee have also spoken out against the implementation of mandatory vaccine passports in society. 

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) weighed in on vaccine passports, Breitbart News reports. 

The World Health Organization on Vaccine Passports

Yesterday, the World Health Organization confirmed that implementing vaccine passports for entry or exit is not something they support “at this stage.”

WHO then informed that the coronavirus vaccine preventing COVID-19 transmission is not a “stage” that’s been arrived at yet. Moreover, the organization pointed out that mandatory vaccine passports open up the door for discrimination against individuals who cannot receive immunization against coronavirus. 

These remarks from the WHO echo some concerns of many conservatives. Republicans and others on the right side of the political spectrum have sounded the alarm against mandating vaccine passports. Conservatives overwhelmingly maintain that the health information of individuals ought to remain private. 

Republicans also believe that the coronavirus vaccine should remain voluntary, not a compulsory requirement to engage in normal society. 

Growing Rejections of Vaccine Passports

Thus far, vaccine passports are not endorsed by the World Health Organization and they’re also not endorsed by Republicans. Even in the United Kingdom, individuals have raised concerns about vaccine passports and the extent that such a program would have in people’s personal lives. 

Many people believe that requiring vaccine passports is the height of fascism and authoritarianism. Others find it ironic that the same Democrats endorsing mandatory vaccine passports are also against photo ID requirements to vote in elections. It simply does not add up or make sense. 

Conversations about vaccine passports won’t be going away any time soon. However, the opposition against vaccine passport programs continues to surge with every passing day. 

Are you shocked that the World Health Organization is not supportive of vaccine passports? What do you think about mandatory vaccine passport programs? Share your perspectives with us in the comments section below.