Woman in Skimpy Clothing Teaches Kids to Pole Dance in Charlotte

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A video from a Charlotte, North Carolina Pride event surfaced, showing exactly how far the left is willing to go when it comes to normalizing sex work, the trans narrative, and the gender identity movement in mainstream media.

In the video, a pole dancer, wearing excessively revealing clothing, is holding a child pressed up against her and the metal pole, while she “performs” for the crowd of onlookers, one of which is probably the child’s mother.

“Mormon kids for equality” by Quinn Dombrowski

The groomer community continues to gain popularity

LibsOfTikTok posted the video to their page, claiming the Charlotte Pride event may not have been as “family-friendly” as the promoters claimed it to be, prompting an immediate response from the “woke” mob.

Aside from practically exposing children and minors to an overly sexualized culture, the event also featured a “stripper booth.” Children were given “professional” instructions on how to pole dance, all under the watchful eye of the perverts attending this nonsense.

Charlotte wasn’t even the host to the worst of these events. Children in Toronto were seen dancing alongside scantily clad men wearing nothing but speedos, while others watched multiple naked parades rolling down the city street.

No matter how strong of a stand the LGBTQ community takes against pedophiles (although they sometimes even show support for these sickos), the fact still remains they’re the ones exposing these kids to this “culture,” inadvertently sexualizing them.

Children and minors exposed to LGBTQ “culture”

In the past three months alone, there’s been a plethora of cases of children being put into sexual environments, such as gay bars and strip clubs, where they were exposed to naked adults and LGBTQ+ “culture” that’s practically centered around sexual intercourse.

A similar thing to the Charlotte incident happened in Pennsylvania. One small child was assisted onto a stripper pole by a grown man wearing nothing but an extremely revealing pair of red shorts.

This, according to the event’s organizers, was a “vehicle of fun and exercise.” As one would expect, the social media backlash for this fiasco was immeasurable, spanning several different platforms.

Jason Howerton, a Texas investor chimed in on the matter, claiming anyone who puts virtue signaling before what’s best for their kid is a “real piece of s*it.” Whereas others left much shorter comments, like @drfessel, who simply replied to the story with “monkeypox.”

Hilariously enough, despite the LGBTQ community’s claims that the infective disease has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation, the Biden administration announced they’ll be rolling out several shipments of monkeypox vaccines to the Charlotte event.

The gender identity movement and LGBTQ community are practically one big, sick joke at this point. Seeing how parents are willing to expose their innocent children to this environment, we’ve already passed the point of no return.