Woman Accusing Biden of SA Makes Twitter Posts About the Possibilities of Being Killed

After a request from Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, Tara Reade, who previously accused President Biden of sexually harassing her in the 1990s, posted a mysterious tweet regarding death.

Reade Takes a Stand

In her Sunday tweet, she said she would like to clarify something. Every path would eventually lead to Joe Biden in the event that something were to happen to her.

She said threats, coercion, and harassment used by Joe Biden and the DNC political organization over the past three years are not going to work.

She also pointed out that she is not suicidal. A pledge to appear before Congress and discuss what transpired and everything that she knows is included in the communication.

In 1992 and 1993, when Biden was a U.S. senator, Reade served as an administrative assistant in his office.

Reade continued by saying that she is not an agent from another country and shouldn’t be placed under investigation. She is an individual. She used to work for Joe Biden and she has since decided to come forward and tell the truth.

She also said that the DOJ, FBI, and online platforms will not succeed in their attempts to use coercion and harassment to keep her quiet and suppress her. She requested that she be given some space.

If requested to do so, she will provide an oath-based testimony before Congress and share what she knows and what happened in the past. In her post, she called for stopping Joe Biden’s corruption.

She thanked Reps. Greene and Gaetz for requesting her to speak and for “showing respect for the facts” in her final tweet. Additionally, Reade reacted to a user who claimed she was being paid to testify.

Reade Faces Backlash

She responded by saying that she was not being compensated to give a testimony about being sexually assaulted by her previous employer. She called the poster a “ghoul” and stated that sexual violence is non-partisan.

The sexual misconduct accusations against Biden have been refuted.