Woke Mob Starts Taking Over Schools!

According to a recent survey, over 4,000 LGBTQ organizations and student organizations in K–12 schools are supported by a left-wing group.

They use rhetorical fusions of anti-police, anti-capitalist, and revolutionary feminist theory.

Should be a crime

The left-wing charity activist movement GSA Network, a federation that includes over 4,000 “sexual and gender” partnerships in schools across 40 states, is included in the study by author and activist Christopher Rufo.

According to charity tracker Guidestar, the group advocates defunding police enforcement, “post-colonialism and compensation” for minorities, and anti-capitalism, in addition to endorsing radical feminist theory.

According to Rufo, “the individual sections, which run in primary school, middle, and high schools, frequently use the dialect of ‘LGBTQ incorporation’ and ‘anti-bullying’ in their public affairs.

However, the central organization is run behind the action sequences by pure left-wing extremism that goes far beyond sexuality.

According to Rufo, the GSA Network depends on “programming” students to ensure they contribute appropriately to the group. A guide for students to set up their own GSA groups online is one of the materials Rufo was able to access.

The toolkit advises students to do “self-work,” which entails a self-examination of their system-wide racial or gender perks and how those perks make a contribution to the persecution of LGBTQ individuals and people of color.”

This “self-work” also covers how they can challenge their privilege in order to “commit to demolishing these systems for collaborative liberation” more successfully.

In order to “remain dedicated to emancipation,” the toolkit also advises students to consider why they are working on themselves.

Students are likewise told that “self-work is being done everywhere, not just in a GSA meeting,” according to the article.

An example rubric is provided in the appendix for students to use as they consider their advantages and how they affect the treatment of minority groups.

The program

The rubric is split into columns:

“Organizations with systemic authority (privilege),” which also includes men, white people, cisgender individuals, and straight people vs. oppressive systems, which contain white supremacy, subjugation of women, and imperialism.

It covers “Disenfranchised Minorities,” which includes transgender people, black people, and indigenous people, bias, which is defined as “a preconceived notion about a collective with no scientific basis,” and marginalization.

Rufo also secured a nine-point credo that the GSA Network utilizes “to guide our common vision for gender equity and liberation.”

Ironically, it turns out that this credo was actually taken and lifted from the National Trans Student Organization.

According to Rufo, the GSA Network also airs virulently anti-capitalist content. On the organization’s advertising website for its summer camp, there is a whole section devoted to “Economic Equality and Capitalism.”

This is referred to as “often the most absorbing experience for participants.”