Woke Left Defends Fentanyl Dealers in San Francisco

A recently suggested law that might prosecute illegal immigrants found guilty of trafficking fentanyl for expulsion is being opposed by a public defender in San Francisco.

“Woke” Leftists Defend Drug Dealers

Supervisor Matt Dorsey, a recovering drug and alcohol abuser, suggested the rule days ago. He claims it will take a strong approach against those who sell the deadly synthetic drug that has caused the deaths of thousands of Americans.

San Francisco public attorney Peter Calloway wrote on Twitter that Supervisor Matt Dorsey wants to eliminate the city’s sanctuary city law for anyone guilty of trafficking fentanyl.

This was in response to the new rule. He said to remember that a lot of these individuals negotiate under threat to their lives or the lives of their families.

His opposition echoes the liberal position of the now-recalled San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Boudin claimed at least 50% of drug pushers in SF are undocumented immigrants from Honduras, most of whom were trafficked. They now rely on the proceeds from selling lethal drugs to reimburse the people who brought them to the United States.

Dorsey claims they are attempting to recognize and support the immigrant experience, however, they cannot just enter America and sell lethal drugs to Americans. Fentanyl distribution falls on the list of things to which asylum already does not apply.

Michelle Tandler, a well-known Twitter user and entrepreneur from San Francisco, made fun of Calloway’s objections about the recently adopted policy by mockingly asking, can someone please consider the fentanyl distributors?

This is the stance taken by a lot of progressive defense attorneys in San Francisco, including our former district attorney, she wrote. Evidently, they are unable to deport convicts because of sanctuary city regulations.

Both Calloway and her own comments thread seemed to support her.

One Twitter user mocked by writing, “How could they?!? No matter what, we must protect the fentanyl distributors! And even more so if they are in America illegally.”

Another user, who described himself as a San Franciscan, who doesn’t love the city’s leadership, but does love the city said that he felt they blew it.

Twitter Stands Against the “Woke”

Harvey B queried as to what they mean by saying that San Franciscans would be protected from the dealers of deadly narcotics who are murdering our underprivileged brothers and sisters.

Adults who are freshly convicted of fentanyl dealing will be reported to ICE under a small modification to the terms of the city’s sanctuary legislation.

This typically forbids SF officials from informing ICE that the city is discharging from prison a person that the federal agency intends to expel.

The rule will add an additional special exemption to a huge number of violent or significant crimes, upon which law enforcement is permitted to alert ICE that a person they are looking for has been released from custody.

Presently, the list consists of carjacking, homicide, rape, burglary, and arson.