With No Real Agenda, Dems Continue to Focus on Impeaching Trump

Democrats continue to push forward with their calls to impeach President Trump as their party suffers. Many Americans may not realize this, but these appeals to remove the president from office are nothing more than crafted attempts to conceal the reality that Democrats lack an agenda.
This is something which Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz recognized and called out earlier this week, as documented by Fox News.

No Agenda, No Basis for Impeachment

It’s important to understand that one of the many reasons Democrats lack a platform is because of their obsession with taking Trump down. Instead, of focusing on how to appeal to working Americans and better the country as a whole, Democrats prefer to focus on their own political vendetta against the president of the United States
During an interview with Fox Nation, Gaetz explained his perception of the Democrats and their lack of a real agenda in 2019:

“They don’t have bills to bring forward to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, to deal with the crisis of illegal immigration on our border and so instead we have these show hearings where we stare at an empty chair. I would hope that people all over the country would expect more of the Congress than this type of coordinated harassment.”

How Will No Agenda Play a Role in 2020?

Radical far leftism is not an agenda for any political party which is serious about winning a general election. Interestingly enough, Democrats have actually gotten worse since 2016 and the leading faces of their party are living testaments to this. Socialism and impeaching the president from the White House are ultimately what the present day left wing boils down to.
President Trump is already gearing up for the 2020 election. His campaign team has already stated that Democrats are not regarded as an obstacle and merely a monotonous group of far-left socialists.
Do you believe Democrats will persist with their attempts to impeach President Trump from office? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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