Wisconsin Gov't Employees Forced to Wear Masks at HOME

"Sunset over Wisconsin State Capitol" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Jake Pfaffenroth

Face masks continue to dominate American culture wars.
Medical scientists and politicians continue to allege that wearing a face covering is all about protecting others and others protecting you. However, as time passes, a growing number of people are starting to believe that the push for face masks is about control and compliance, rather than public health.

A new order for Wisconsin government employees to wear face masks in their own homes is only further contributing to people’s beliefs that masking is not about health; this order didn’t even come from the Wisconsin governor, but instead, the state government, confirms Breitbart News.

Why Wisconsin Government Employees Must Wear Masks Even When They’re at Home

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is mandating that employees wear face masks while engaging in video conferences “even if [they] are home.”
In an email, the Wisconsin state government also noted that wearing a face covering at home (although doing this protects absolutely no one) will supposedly “set a safety example.”

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources also claimed that having employees wear face masks at home shows regard for the “safety and health” of other people.
The government agency furthermore lauded the “visual reminder” that is sent to the public when state employees cover their faces with masks…even when they’re in their own homes.

Reaction from the American Public

Needless to say, America’s reaction to the Wisconsin government’s demand for state employees to “mask up” in their own homes is not positive.
By contrast, this demand only deepens the debate on masks. As mask mandates pop up in various places, such as certain gym chains, they are also seeing more pushback.
Not too long ago, Planet Fitness issued a requirement for gym-goers to wear face masks while working out; however, the gym chain walked back this requirement after multiple customers called in to cancel their memberships.
Now, Planet Fitness is asking its members to wear face masks when they enter and exit the gym, but not while they work out.

As face mask requirements and orders become more draconian, Americans should expect to see greater backlash against them. Plainly and simply, as time passes, fewer people are believing that wearing a face covering is strictly about health and safety.
What do you think about Wisconsin state employees being told to wear face masks in their own homes? Is this about health or social control? Let us know what you believe in the comments section below!