Wisconsin Faces Lawsuit Over Vote Certification

"Wisconsin State Capitol" (CC BY 2.0) by shahbasharat

Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are just some states that have already certified their votes, with Joe Biden declared as the winner. Lawsuits remain ongoing in some of these areas, while Georgia is actually in the middle of a second recount of votes.
President Trump’s legal representatives and other Republicans continue to heavily litigate the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s attorneys also argue that widespread voter fraud happened, claiming they can prove this in a court of law.

“Rudy Giuliani” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On Monday, Biden received funding and necessary access from the General Services Administration to commence a transition into the White House. Meanwhile, as states prepare to certify their results, Trump’s legal team is still using the time they have left to fight.
According to Newsmax, Republicans have initiated a lawsuit to block the state of Wisconsin from certifying its votes.

What to Know About the Wisconsin Lawsuit

Wisconsin presently has until Tuesday, December 1 to complete certification of its election results. Nonetheless, Republicans have filed suit with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, seeking for the body to halt the certification process.
The lawsuit asserts that certain ballots should face exclusion from the certification process, due to missing information on envelopes, alleged “circumvention” of the state’s absentee voting laws, and more. Thus far, Wisconsin’s recount is showing that Biden leads Trump in the state.

Erick Kaardal, the attorney behind the aforementioned lawsuit, has previously initiated various suits on behalf of conservatives; however, reports on the matter indicate that these cases engendered losses, rather than wins.

The Logistics of the 2020 Race

Wisconsin data shows Biden ahead of Trump by more than 20,600 votes; meanwhile, the lawsuit brought forward by Republicans argues that over 156,000 ballots ought to be discarded due to alleged irregularities, fraud, and the like.
More and more states are certifying their results by the day. This comes after the GSA’s approval of transition funding and access for Joe Biden.
In light of the developments this week, some Trump supporters have taken to social media to state that things aren’t looking good for the president’s re-election; however, other Trump supporters are still keeping the faith, amid ongoing litigation and disputes.
A ruling has yet to be made regarding the certification of Wisconsin’s votes.
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