Wisconsin Descends Into Chaos, Following Police Shooting

"180722-YL554-1125" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by WisGuard Pics

Leftists have repeatedly taken to the streets, causing chaos and destruction when they believe the police have interacted poorly with civilians. Some of the latest examples of violent displays from Black Lives Matter and other radical leftists arrived after the death of George Floyd.
Yesterday in Wisconsin, rioters descended upon the city streets of Kenosha after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man. Yesterday, Kenosha police wound up shooting Blake with a taser after he failed to comply with police’s commands. Following the tasering, Blake received medical attention and transportation to a nearby hospital.

Police officers were apparently called onto the scene after reports of an incident in a home. Reports indicate that Blake allegedly attempted to stop a fight between two individuals at the home in question.
Following the tasering of Blake, rioters promptly caused chaos, destruction, and anarchy on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, reports Townhall.

What to Know About Last Night’s Kenosha Riots

On Sunday night, Kenosha rioters attacked police officers, courthouses, and other things in the vicinity. Videos quickly surfaced on social media of police officers having objects thrown at them; rioters were additionally seen lighting fires, breaking windows, trashing garbage trucks and more.
As the night passed, the violence simply increased and escalated in nature. Kenosha police car windows were broken while large crowds gathered outside of the police station. One police officer even lost consciousness after a demonstrator smashed his head with a brick.

What Happens Next?

At this time, Blake remains in the hospital; friends of his claim that he is currently working to recover from his injuries.
Wisconsin riots are one of several matters trending on social media as of this morning. Certain Americans have noted that Kenosha is yet another Democrat city that has succumbed to violence; thus far, the city’s mayor has yet to make a statement.

There is no doubt that Kenosha will take considerable amounts of time to come back from the harm inflicted upon the community. Critics of rioters have pointed out that burning a city down will not change what happened to Blake. Others have questioned why Blake chose not to comply with police’s orders.
There is no telling whether or not rioters will take to Kenosha streets yet again to cause even more violence and destruction.
What do you think about the violence and carnage that happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night? Is there more to come? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!