Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? Migrant Horde Demands U.S. Give Them Cash To Go Home

The migrant horde is at the border. They tried to bum rush the border crossing—and failed. Immigration enforcement fired tear gas into the crowd, causing liberal America to have a meltdown. I guess we should remind them that Barack Obama fired tear gas into crowds of migrants at the border, but hey—history didn’t begin until Trump was elected. With the Trump administration keeping them out, as promised, some are returning home, but a lot have remained. The mayor of Tijuana has said that the caravan leader should be arrested, and that the city will no longer pay to shelterthe many migrants that have invaded the city. Heck, even Mexicans don’t want these people, many of whom are from Honduras, in their country. Now, the migrants are saying they will go home, if the U.S. gives them $50,000 each (via Newsweek):

Central American asylum seekers in Mexican border town Tijuana reportedly marched to the U.S. Consulate on Tuesday to present the Trump administration with an ultimatum: Let us into the country or give us $50,000 each to turn back home.

The demand came a month after asylum seekers began to arrive in Tijuana. Many still face weeks, if not months, of waiting in the border town before their asylum claims can be processed.


In a letter outlining the ultimatum, the group reportedly criticized U.S. intervention in Central America. The U.S. intervened in numerous military coups as it sought to protect commercial interests in the region.

The second group to show up to the consulate, which included about 50 people, had a different demand: that U.S. immigration officers at the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego process asylum applications faster and in greater numbers.

Well, first, these people don’t get to make demands. Second, I for one am not apologizing for any intervention the U.S. might or might not have partaken in Latin America, especially during the Cold War. It was the nature of the conflict; some times bad things happen. Also, we all know this is not going to happen. And last, the vast majority of these migrants have bogus asylum claims. You’re not getting in; it’s time to pack up your crap and go home.