White House Slams Democrats' Attempt to Impeach Trump

With the revelation that President Trump did not collude with the Russian government, Democrats have renewed their attempts to impeach him.
However, the White House is having none of it. Earlier today, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke to the press about the latest attack on the president, as documented by Fox News.

The Full Overview

Conway filled reporters in on just how ridiculous it is for Democrats to attempt to impeach President Trump. Her statements pertaining to the Mueller probe and the renewed campaign for impeachment were clear-cut and to the point.
In Conway’s own words:

“You can’t impeach a Republican president for something the Democrats started, which is this ridiculous investigation that has cost us $25 million, over 2500 subpoenas. The special counsel provides a report to the attorney general who, in concert with the deputy attorney general and office of legal counsel, decided there was no obstructive conduct. They could not bring obstruction charges – they made that decision. I’m sure if director Mueller and his team could have brought those very clear charges they would have.”

Since Mueller’s investigation cleared Trump of all charges, Democrats have opted for a new angle. They’re now claiming that the president may have obstructed justice as Mueller’s probe remained underway. This is their latest public excuse for why they want the president impeached from office.
The earlier words of Kellyanne Conway have also echoed remarks which President Trump made on Twitter in response to Democrats’ moves to begin impeachment:

The State of the Left-Wing

At this point, the state of the left-wing has become very sad. Regardless of whether House Democrats like the president’s policies or not, these desperate attempts to impeach him from office are sad. Trump did not collude with the Russian government. After an investigation which lasted for nearly two years, Mueller found no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russian government or attempted to obstruct justice at any time.
None of these facts seem to matter to the Democrats which speaks volumes about where they are and what their party has become.
What do you think about the statements which Kellyanne Conway made regarding new attempts to impeach the president? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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