White House Press Secretary Expected to Resign by 2022

"Jen Psaki and Jim Messina" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

When President Biden came into office, he brought on Jen Psaki as his White House press secretary.

Since working this job, Psaki has come under fire for stating that she’ll “circle back” with reporters; in keeping with the attitudes of the Biden administration, this press secretary is also responsible for untrue statements about a litany of matters. 

“Jen Psaki” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Prachatai

As it turns out, however, the Biden administration may have to find a new White House press secretary sooner rather than later. According to Washington Examiner, Psaki is highly expected to resign from her current post by next year. 

Psaki on Her Job as White House Press Secretary

On Thursday, Psaki sat down for a podcast interview with The Axe Files. During this interview, the press secretary weighed in on her current job and how it impacts her life. 

The White House press secretary stated that within one year’s time, she believes it’ll be appropriate for someone else to take her position.

Psaki then noted that she’s a mother to small children and doesn’t want her job to impede her time with her kids. Later, the press secretary told The Axe Files that she wakes up around 5 AM and that her children tend to get up once they hear her. 

Additional segments of Psaki’s interview involved the workings of her job. The press secretary admitted that Biden is told not to answer questions from the media; finally, Psaki declared that pleasing the White House and their interest in access is not possible. 

Public Reactions to Psaki’s Interview

Many Americans found it interesting that the press secretary will be ready to resign in one year’s time. Others made a point of noting that they wouldn’t miss Psaki following her departure. However, the part of her podcast interview to gain the most attention was the admission about Biden. 

Many Americans already suspected that Biden isn’t truly in control, despite being “president” in an official sense. Psaki’s confirmation that the White House tells Biden not to accept questions was very revealing; it also confirmed what a lot of Americans surmised. 

The White House is actively working to shield this president from unfiltered interactions with the media. 

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