White House Goes on Lockdown Following D.C. Riots

"President Trump Departs for Florida" (Public Domain) by The White House

Friday marked a series of new riots in America. These social demonstrators gathered in various cities across the country, marking a fourth night of violence and destruction. Over the course of this week, rioters have taken it upon themselves to burn buildings, destroy property, and loot businesses.

Yesterday evening, riots developed in Washington D.C. Participants in these demonstrations sprayed graffiti on various buildings, attempted to scale barricades, and chanted anti-Trump rhetoric.
Sensing the threat, the White House temporarily went on lockdown, as confirmed by Washington Examiner.

Reviewing Friday’s White House Shutdown

As protesters headed in the direction of the White House yesterday evening, authorities quickly shut it down. Videos that surfaced online yesterday also showed demonstrators trying to break down barriers and enter federal buildings near the White House.

Riots in D.C. moreover involved rioters clashing with Secret Service and other members of law enforcement. The destruction and breaches of physical barricades forced Secret Service to act for the sake of shielding the White House and people inside of it. Reports have also indicated that President Trump was likely inside of the White House during the riots and subsequent lockdown.

The shutdown of the White House lasted until roughly 8:30 PM EST. In spite of this, however, protests still remained ongoing in the city. Demonstrators were seen throughout Pennsylvania Avenue and on the premises of the U.S. Capitol.
Over the course of this week, left-leaning protesters have expressed anger and outrage towards the president; this comes in addition to unrest regarding the death of George Floyd. As riots continue to get increasingly more dangerous and violent, Democrats persist in encouraging and justifying this type of behavior.
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