White House Gives New Update on Impeachment Trial

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives finally signed a resolution to transfer impeachment articles over to the Senate.

Let’s be clear, though; this decision didn’t happen because Democrats finally came to their senses and realized the absurdity of their actions. By contrast, Speaker Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and other leftists realized that the Senate wasn’t going to stand for these games any longer. Therefore, House Democrats had absolutely no choice but to relinquish the articles of impeachment, as the Constitution mandates.

President Trump Departs for Florida by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Departs for Florida” (Public Domain) by The White House

Now the fate of impeachment proceedings rests in the hands of the Senate. Mitch McConnell, the body’s Majority Leader, has already stated that he’ll be working with the White House and with President Trump’s lawyers; these are also actions which Pelosi attempted to brand as a so-called “cover-up,” but at the end of the day, the Speaker doesn’t get to determine how the Senate conducts their trial.

On Wednesday, a White House official informed the press that the impeachment trial of President Trump is unlikely to extend beyond a two-week period, per reports from Breitbart News.

Commentary from the White House Official

As of now, the impeachment trial is set to commence next week on January 21. In talks with reporters, a senior White House official cited a long, drawn-out Senate trial as “extraordinarily unlikely.”

The unnamed official furthermore went on to note the inherent weakness associated with the impeachment articles that Democrats rammed through government and then sat on for as long as possible. During remarks with the press, the aide also warned about the real possibility for “a motion to dismiss.”

Ultimately, neither the White House nor President Trump is worried about the upcoming impeachment trial. As a matter of fact, Democrats feel scared because they know their sham is the weakest, thinnest, and fastest in history; these articles won’t stand and House Democrats will only have succeeded in wasting time, embarrassing their party, and ensuring the loss of their congressional majority. Meanwhile, the president will receive an acquittal, one way or the other, and go on to win a second term in office.

Towards the end of the phone briefing, the White House aide covered the possibility of new witnesses called to testify in the Senate trial. The official explained that the White House is “prepared for all possibilities.” Moreover, Republicans and President Trump will call witnesses to testify, if Democrats are allowed to bring in new witnesses of their own.

The Inevitable Outcome

Since the inception of impeachment proceedings, Democrats have attempted to control and force the outcome they wanted. They may have managed to ram bogus papers through a House with their majority, but they won’t succeed in the long term. As previously stated, the president’s exoneration is inevitable; Democrats have failed to present a case and they know it. Furthermore, Democrats are on record going back years in their talk about wanting to impeach the president.

President Trump Spends Thanksgiving with by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Spends Thanksgiving with” (Public Domain) by The White House

Speaker Pelosi hoarded impeachment articles for 28 days because she wanted to avoid the inevitable outcome. She knew President Trump wouldn’t face removal from office; the House Speaker also feared America having a clear view of the inherent weakness of the impeachment articles.

What is your take on the White House’s latest update? Do you believe new witnesses will testify in the upcoming Senate trial? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!