White House Defends Biden’s Recent Meeting with Pro-Amnesty Illegal Immigrants

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When Biden ran for office in 2020, he backed a series of far-left policies that would harm the nation in so many ways. With Biden officially in the Oval Office, Americans are seeing this harm materialize as labor shortages, gas shortages, disappointing job reports, and more plague the nation. 

Many Republicans are warning that for the sake of the country, Biden needs to shift gears. However, this president is merely digging in his heels and advancing poor policies. 

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Last week, the president sat down for a meeting with illegal immigrants who are, of course, in support of amnesty. Shortly after this meeting, the White House defended illegal immigrants as central forces of the American Dream, as reported by Breitbart News

The White House on Illegal Immigrants and the American Dream

On Friday, a reporter questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the president’s decision to convene with a group of pro-amnesty illegal immigrants. The reporter, in asking this question, also noted that the White House has serious matters to take into account, such as infrastructure and the country’s economy. 

Psaki’s response was one in keeping with the Biden administration. According to the White House press secretary, recipients of the DACA program are part of America’s fabric, the story of the U.S., and the American Dream in general. Psaki explained that these are the beliefs held by President Biden, hence his agreement to engage in the aforementioned meeting. 

Finally, Psaki stated that Biden seeks to find common ground on immigration reform between both Republicans and Democrats. 

A Tone Deaf Meeting

Many critics of President Biden are slamming his meeting with illegal immigrants as unnecessary and tone-deaf. For starters, the Southern border remains in crisis; this is a crisis that Biden said his vice president would get under control, yet nearly two months later, Kamala Harris has done absolutely nothing. 

As Biden entertains illegal immigrants, he’s also working to put up migrants in hotels at the expense of U.S. taxpayer dollars. With the federal government doing nothing to manage the border crisis, states along the Southern border are having to handle matters. 

The view that Biden needs to handle the Southern border is not a partisan one. Some Democrats, in recent weeks, have joined Republicans in calling for Biden to put together a comprehensive plan to fix this crisis; lawmakers on both sides of the aisle also criticized Biden when he gave a joint congressional speech and failed to mention the Southern border crisis. 

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