White House Advised to Get Extra Security

"The Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honorabl" (Public Domain) by The White House

The possibility of violence on Tuesday night is extremely real. With the approach of Election Day, left-wing groups have made clear that they have no intentions of civilly accepting an election that results in four more years of President Trump.
Precisely two days remain until the end of the 2020 presidential election. Numerous polls have shown that the majority of Americans are concerned about outbreaks of violence on Election Day. However, it turns out that this concern is not just mutually exclusive to civilians.

Center for Security Policy expert J. Michael Waller plainly warned that Washington D.C. and the White House should be prepared for serious outbreaks of violence on Tuesday night, should Joe Biden lose this election, Breitbart News confirms.

The Serious Possibility of Violence on Tuesday Night

Waller’s warning took place during his participation in a Wednesday webinar with members of the media. According to the security expert, “mobs by the tens of thousands” (if not greater) could very well storm the streets of D.C. and then attempt to breach the White House.
He also warned that left-wing mobs planning violence are being aided and abetted by Muriel Bowser, the D.C. mayor and a Democrat. Thus far, Bowser has instructed police officers in the city not to act, even when demonstrators become violent and lawbreaking.

Far-left groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter already have established patterns of attacking top Republicans in positions of power. As such, the president is being advised to seriously beef up security in D.C. and for the White House to prepare for what may happen on Tuesday night.

Additional Warnings from Waller

The Center for Security Policy expert maintains that protecting the White House is very serious business. According to Waller, leftist, anti-Trump groups have already gone on record vowing to “lay siege to” and incinerate the White House. Waller also maintains that Trump’s first duty is to shield the institution of the presidency.

The possibility of violence on Tuesday night is ultimately enabled by the Democrats in D.C. who support Black Lives Matter. Ultimately, Mayor Bowser’s complicity has led to a situation where even U.S. Capitol Police feel in over their heads and furthermore “overwhelmed.”
Do you believe the White House should beef up security in preparation for Tuesday night? Also, what do you think Election Day violence will entail? Let us know in the comments section below!