‘White Christians’ Accused of ‘Stealing Babies’ by Native American Democrat

Wokeness in the United States is conquering new “heights” after a Native American Democrat from Minnesota accused “white Christians” of being a group “stealing babies” and using adoption as a means of committing “genocide” against American Indians.

White Christians’ Rejoicing about It

Wokeness has sought to use any opportunity to vilify white people, so as to trick them into believing they are somehow worse than everybody else – and inherently evil – regardless of what they say or do.

Conversely, wokeness makes people of color the eternal victims in order to exercise total and constant feudal control over them.

The latest woke outburst, a perfect example of the above, occurred when a Native American state legislator in Minnesota – state Rep. Heather Keeler from the Democratic Party – portrayed “white Christians” as abductors of Native children.

In a couple of Facebook posts, Keeler has made it clear she is convinced that people who are simultaneously white and Christian adopt Native American children for the purpose of committing “genocide.”

In one Facebook post, which was captured by Alpha News, as cited by Fox News, the Minnesota state representative declared she was “sick” of the adoption of “our babies” by “white Christians” who were “rejoicing” about it.

“It means the genocide continues,” Keeler declared. She also stated whenever a Native American baby was adopted by white Christians, that was a “really sad day.”

Oh, Those Evil ‘White Saviors’

In the same Facebook post on her private profile, the Minnesota Democrat allegedly urged her supporters who “care about our babies” to take action and “advocate against the genocide.”

Heather Keeler called for helping fix the issues of “Indigenous parents” instead of adopting their babies and giving them “white Christian names” because the latter is not “helping.”

“Stop stealing our babies,” the Democrat wrote. “White saviors are the worst!” added the state representative, who is from the Yankton Sioux Tribe.

In an earlier post on her professional Facebook page, Keeler also claimed Native American children were being “stripped” of their “identity,” which constituted “genocide.”

Even though her private account is not publicly accessible, KVRR, a local news station, reported the Democrat did not deny making the post. The Republican Party of Minnesota reacted with outrage to Keeler’s private post, describing it as a “racist rant.”

David Hann, chairman of the state GOP, issued a statement condemning the Native American Democrat’s “hateful and extremist rhetoric” as strongly as possible and urged the Democrats to do the same.

Last month, Minnesota state Rep. Heather Keeler sponsored a bill called the Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (MIFPA), which builds upon protections for Native American children based on the 1978 federal Indian Child Welfare Act.

It focuses on ICWA requirements for “involuntary children placement.” The US Supreme Court is considering whether to kill the Indian Child Welfare Act, which is supposed to protect Native American children in state custody proceedings. 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.