Whistleblower: Biden Family Attempted to Sell American Gas to China

As per Rep. James Comer, ranking representative of the House Oversight Committee, the Biden family was looking to sell American natural gas to China, prior to Biden being elected president.

Likewise, Biden was knowledgeable about his son Hunter trying to make the sale doable.

Biden Misleads the Public

Comer claimed Hunter used to have a Chinese Communist Party member working for him while negotiating with the Chinese for the transportation of American natural gas to China in 2017.

The Biden family also allegedly promised business partners that they’d benefit once Biden had become president.

Comer said Joe Biden was involved in the plan as a business associate. He had access to office premises and made millions from his Chinese associates in advance of the expected endeavor.

Part of what Comer said had already been covered in the news, but the memo paints a more comprehensive picture of Biden’s understanding and engagement in the scheme going back at least to 2017.

According to emails that are part of the letter, Hunter Biden aggressively facilitated the natural gas contract with senior officials from the now-dissolved CEFC China Energy, which was formerly one of China’s biggest energy companies.

Hunter revealed to his associate that he supplied information about liquified natural gas potential in Louisiana in an email to CEFC executive Dong Gongwen during November 2017.

Based on a source, Joe Biden had been an “obfuscated partner” in the business dealings with the Chinese, holding a 10% stake in the joint company to conceal his connection.

Tony Bobulinski, a business associate, had verified the same facts to The Epoch Times.

Biden’s Alleged Role

Hunter requested in a September 2017 email to “have keys readily available for new work colleagues,” whom he described as the older Biden, Jill Biden, and the POTUS’ sibling, Jim.

This was in what Comer suspected to be an “error” on Hunter’s behalf. In case the receiver needed to contact for verification, Hunter provided the recipient’s private cell phone numbers for his father and uncle.

The office building’s general manager, Cecilia Browning, answered Hunter’s inquiry on the same day. A copy of the message from Hunter’s purported laptop shows that she wrote, “We are really pleased and privileged to welcome your new teammates!”

Hunter and the president, according to the White House, “weren’t really office mates.” The elder Biden has insisted that he has never talked to his son about his business efforts.

The White House and Hunter’s attorney have been contacted by The Epoch Times for further information about Comer’s letter.

Democrats rejected a resolution that a Republican member introduced to require the president to turn over information pertaining to the Biden family’s international business affairs on the exact day Comer shipped out the letter.