When Democrats Accidentally Told The Truth, America Hated It, & The Media Tried To Pretend It Never Happened.

There is a very interesting dynamic which exists between Democrats, the American people, and the mainstream media.
You see, it’s no secret that Democrats and the mainstream media are in heavy cahoots to peddle fake news to the American people. This is done for political reasons, however, on the one time which in which Democrats were honest, the majority of people in this country hated it; the media was then forced to attempt damage control, according to Townhall.

The Democrats, the Media, and the American People

Over the past week or so, abortion has become a hyper-hot button issue. This is prompted by the left wing’s new support for post-birth abortions. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has found himself in hot water after articulating advocacy for having a death panel determine whether or not a born child should live or die following its birth. This goes way beyond terminating a pregnancy which is only weeks old. No, that’s not enough for the Democrats; they are now OK with having “post-birth abortions,” an act which is really nothing short of infanticide.
Many Americans who became aware of this did not waste any time in expressing their disgust. Abortion, it and of itself, is already a controversial matter; Democrats should know that pushing it several steps forward to when the baby is actually born is not the proper course of action. Of course, the left lacks a shocking amount of self-awareness, as evidenced by their increasingly radical leanings.
As it stands, the media continues to downplay what the Democrats truly stand for and what they’re about. In order to do this and deceive the American people, the media focuses on supposed wrongdoings of the right-wing; they demonize President Trump, claim that Trump supporters are terrible racists, and do everything they can to avoid scrutiny towards the Democrat party, a party which they overwhelmingly champion for.

The Wake-up Call

More and more Americans are waking up to Democrats and what they truly stand for. The media’s attempt to deflect, distract, and vilify conservatives and Trump supporters is not going to be a successful strategy. As long as the left continues to become more and more radical, the reasonable people will continue to flee their party in droves.
What do you think about the latest left-wing support for infanticide? How do you feel about the dynamic between the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the American people? Sound off in the comments section below and share your thoughts.
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