Watch: Tucker Airs Footage Of The FBI’s Raid On Roger Stone’s Home

On Friday, Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson publicly aired footage of the FBI’s descent upon the home of Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime advisor, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

What Does the Footage Show?

At this time, Stone is currently facing multiple charges; these charges include witness tampering, obstruction, and delivering false testimony to Congress. The president’s longtime adviser has professed his innocence of the charges against him and furthermore maintains that all charges are politically motivated in a bigger scheme to get to Trump.

When Carlson covered the footage on his show, he noted the conduct of agents who surrounded Stone’s home before taking him into custody:

“The feds assemble on Stone’s driveway, they’re wearing ballistic armor and carrying assault weapons with 30-round magazines, red dot sites and tactical flashlights mounted to the barrel shroud. One has his gun hanging by the strap while he’s carrying a battering ram in the left hand.”

Finally, Carlson narrated the nature of Stone’s arrest:

“Within minutes, Stone exits his home to greet the agents who have the rifles pointed at him. Stone raises his hands, spins around apparently trying to show he is unarmed. Another FBI agent approaches Stone from behind and cuffs him. It’s just after 6:00 in the morning. It’s still dark out. Twenty minutes later, the same camera shows agents leading Roger Stone back into his house. He is barefoot. Stone is wearing a T-shirt that says, ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong.’”

Like Stone, many conservatives have expressed concerns that his arrest is politically motivated.


What do you think about the arrest of Roger Stone? Do you believe there is more to the story than what authorities are letting on? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below and fill us in!

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