A New Powerful Republican is on the Rampage

In Pennsylvania’s GOP senatorial race, Kathy Barnette has indeed been outspent 358 to 1. She never campaigned for a congressional seat. She does not have the support of previous President Trump.

However, in the last weeks with one of the most costly and widely watched campaigns in the country, the ultra-MAGA pundit is rising in the ratings.

She is Not Holding Back

Barnette’s improbable — and, to several, inconceivable — rise has caused consternation in policy arenas across the region.

She narrowly lost a House bid in the Philadelphia areas just two years ago. As per the ad-tracking firm AdImpact, her rivals Mehmet Oz, as well as David McCormick, already spent $12.4 million and $11.4 million in television ads, correspondingly, this time around.

Other politicians or outside groups have contributed another $25 million to the campaign. Oz also received Trump’s coveted endorsement.

On the other side, Barnette invested only $137,000 in television.

Barnette has a passion for the cause, as well as a captivating life story and the ability to express it to Republican supporters.

Barnette is expected to gain from a slugfest primary in which Oz and McCormick go nuclear on each other on television, according to GOP planners and leaders across the state.

Attack commercials slamming Oz as a “RINO” and McCormick as a China stooge have bombarded GOP voters, prompting some to hunt for a third choice.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s ex-White House strategist, requested Barnette to appear on his “Situation Room: Pandemic” program on Monday and praised her progress.

Barnette explained her success in an interview, saying voters are searching for “truthfulness” in the midst of TV ad warfare.

Money Isn’t Everything

“They’re investing $50 million in advertising,” she stated of her rivals. “Unless there’s a high-falutin’ news conference, discussion, or event to attend, it’s all on television. It’s these cheap, generic political advertisements.”

Barnette has discussed her remarkable biography in forums and debates. Her mom was only 11 years old when she was born; she has characterized herself as a “child of rape.”

She grew up on a pig farm without any protection. She went on to become a combat vet, business finance adjunct lecturer, and writer of “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: To Be Black and Conservative in the USA.”

“For a long time, grassroots political activists told me she is the most enthusiastic candidate at campaign debates.”

“What was stated about her was, ‘I really do like her, but she can’t win,'” said Chris Mottola, a Republican strategist and Pennsylvania native who isn’t running.

Another factor contributing to her rise in the polls, according to GOP advisers, is her ties to state Sen. Doug Mastriano, the leader in the state’s GOP governor primary. Mastriano, as well as Barnette, have fought together in the past.