WATCH: One Potential Independent Presidential Candidate Has Dems FREAKED OUT

As the 2020 election gets closer, more and more candidates are throwing their hats into the wrong and announcing their candidacies. However, there is one prospective candidate which Democrats are extremely worried about, according to Townhall.

The Prospective Candidates Which Democrats Fear

The prospective 2020 candidate which Democrats are worried about is no other than former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Schultz may be running against President Trump, but if he does, he will be doing so as an independent candidate. Therefore, they have concerns that Schultz’s candidacy would detract votes from the Democrat candidate, thus handing President Trump a second term on a silver platter.
Schultz, who recently created a Twitter account for himself, sent out the following messages about his potential run for office:

More Information

As one can see in the responses to Schultz’s tweets and the press reports, progressives are absolutely terrified at the notion of the former Starbucks CEO running for office as a centrist independent candidate. Only time will tell as to whether or not Schultz decides to announce his candidacy and run for office.
In many regards. progressives and Democrats have brought this upon themselves. They’ve become so radically left that the moderates and few sensible people who do lean left are drifting away from them. Instead of truly being a “Democratic” party, the Democrats have become the anti-Trump party. For every move Trump makes, progressives go 100,000 feet in the opposite direction. No party in America can truly thrive when their levels of extremism are so rampant.
Do you think that Howard Schultz will officially throw his hat into the ring that is the 2020 election? Sound off in the comments section below and share your ideas!
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