Washington DC Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

As the criminal immigration problem hits Washington, D.C., President Biden’s government will plug the holes in some areas of former President Trump’s wall on the southern border.

They Don’t Seem to Like It

Biden “promised during his bid to prevent all future wall building,” according to the Associated Press; although his government already consented to install more obstacles.

The initiative would patch up four enormous holes in the wall on the border near Yuma, Arizona, which has been devastated by Biden’s immigration crisis. This was approved by Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

According to the story, one of the reasons Biden may have made addressing those particular gaps a “priority” is because Sen. Mark Kelly is seeking reelection and the present political climate may make it extremely hard for him to keep his seat.

The news comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott practically urged Democratic DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to kick rocks on Thursday. This came after she protested that the southern state was overwhelming her city with undocumented immigrants.

Bowser wrote an open letter to the National Guard asking for assistance, saying that her state will be ultimately overwhelmed if Texas and Arizona keep sending migrants.

“With a million dollar grant that has now been extended to work with a lead charity organization, we’ve made it easier for FEMA to become involved.”

“We helped make it possible to use the grant money to open a respite center in a nearby region. I also requested that the Secretary of the Army send the D.C. National Guard to assist in that endeavor.”

“D.C. is enduring a pinch of the devastating damage the border issue has caused Texas,” said Abbott in response on Twitter.

Abbott continued, “Mayor Bowser should insist that Joe Biden carry out his duties and quit criticizing Texas for guarding the border.”

Dems Keep Their Head in the Sand

Democrats have refrained from referring to Biden’s border situation as a “crisis,” but Bowser said in her message that she anticipates it to “grow” as time passes.

She said, “We need to make absolutely sure there is a national reaction, not an ad hoc city by city, county by state reaction, to the number of individuals crossing the border, requesting asylum, which we expect to only grow higher.

The capital, which is deep blue, “truly realizes what southerners have been trying to deal with each and every single day.”

“Our societies are swamped and overpowered by millions of illegal immigrants, thanks to President Biden’s immigration guidelines,” Abbott’s spokesperson, Renae Eze, told the Washington Examiner.

Approximately 4,000 migrants in Arizona and Texas are said to have traveled to Washington, D.C., over the course of the last three months, aboard more than 150 vehicles.