Warren's Student Debt Cancellation Plan will Cost $640 Billion

For months, Americans have heard about the perils of student loan debt which countless young people are saddled with.
Now, Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a plan to eliminate over 95% of this student debt; the only catch is that it will cost the government a whopping $640 billion dollars, as documented by Fox News.

Issues with Warren’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan

The massively obscene cost associated with Warren’s plan is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues. Americans additionally have questions about what the implications are for students who have paid off their debts. How is it fair for some students to get their debts “erased,” while others have to pay off their debt, in addition to the tax hike which will fund the $640 billion to cover almost everyone else’s debt?
These issues have been articulated by various social media users:

One might wonder if this is something which Warren thought of before publicizing her student debt cancellation plan, but the chances are slim to none. Democrats have a tendency to think that “free” stuff will fix everything. They want free healthcare, free college, free this, free that.
The problem with “free” stuff is that someone always foots the bill and when Democrats and big government are involved, that “someone” turns out to be the American taxpayers.

Warren’s Response to Concerns

Elizabeth Warren has not responded to Americans with concerns regarding her student debt cancellation plan. Quite frankly, one should not hold their breaths in expecting her to respond. There will certainly be a subsection of people in this country who love the idea of having other people pay off their college debts, but ultimately, what Warren’s putting forth here is an outrageous proposal.

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