Warren's Chickens Come Home to Roost in Nevada

Last month, the Democrat Party made a grave, tactical error when they decided to go the route of moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Not only is impeachment unwarranted and unmerited, but the Democrats simply don’t have the votes. Even if Democrats manage to finally gather the votes they need in the House, the Republican-controlled Senate will never provide the necessary two-thirds of votes to take impeachment legislation forward.

Americans have gotten tired of the games which the left-wing continues to play and they’re expressing this in some very interesting ways. Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee have already raised millions of dollars since the impeachment inquiry announcement.

Furthermore, 2020 Democrat and impeachment advocate Elizabeth Warren was actually confronted by Trump supporters when moving through the Reno, Nevada airport, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Confrontation at the Reno Airport

Yesterday, Warren traveled to Nevada in order to host a campaign event. When she arrived at the airport, she was promptly greeted by Trump supporters with Keep America Great and Trump/Pence signs. Backers of the president can be seen following Warren through the airport and shouting, “don’t impeach” and “go home.”

The 2020 Democrat appears visibly uncomfortable and does not directly respond to the Trump supporters. Instead, she walks quickly, waves at people, and can be seen making a beeline to her car. Of course, the footage of this occurrence was quickly uploaded to social media.

See for yourself:

Thus far, Elizabeth Warren has not made any statements about being confronted by Trump supporters in the Reno airport.

The Reality

For quite some time, progressives and other radical leftists have made a habit of harassing Trump supporters, crashing Trump rallies, and otherwise expressing their distaste for the president and his supporters. In the worst cases, Trump supporters and individuals sporting MAGA hats have been beaten up, subjected to theft, or had drinks thrown on them.

Trump supporters were not violent towards Warren at all; as you can see in the footage, nobody even made physical contact with her. With that being said, Democrats should likely prepare for additional occurrences of what happened to Warren in Reno. At some point, the tables always turn.

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