WaPo/ABC Poll: Trump More Trusted Than Biden to Handle Economy, COVID-19

"President Trump Delivers Remarks During" (Public Domain) by The White House

At each and every turn, Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden alleges to be more qualified than President Trump. Biden repeatedly takes aim at Trump’s management of the White House, COVID-19, the economy, and additional matters. Somehow, the former vice president can barely get through three sentences, yet continues to push the narrative that he’s fit to lead America.

A new poll from Washington Post and ABC News confirms that most Americans aren’t buying Biden’s story. Numbers don’t lie and based on the poll’s findings, more people in this country are confident in Trump than Biden.
This information serves as yet another blow to Biden who struggles to maintain political relevance.

Reviewing Findings from the WaPo/ABC News Poll

Findings from the aforementioned poll speak volumes about how poorly Biden is doing as a presidential candidate. To date, 45% of Americans trust President Trump to deal with COVID-19, while only 43% feel the same way about Biden. Likewise, 53% of Trump supporters poll as “very” enthusiastic about the president, while 49% of Biden’s supporters are only “somewhat” enthusiastic.

The numbers get even more interesting as the poll is further reviewed. 15% of Bernie Sanders supporters say they’ll back Trump over Biden in a general election, assuming that the socialist doesn’t get the nomination. Moreover, Trump and Biden are currently even on a national level of registered voters.
The national even score comes with Biden not being challenged or asked any real questions. At this point in the election, Sanders is pretty much a non-factor, seeing as Biden is all but certain to get the Democrat nomination.

What to Expect Going Ahead

In the coming weeks, Biden will keep seeking office; meanwhile, Trump remains up for re-election as he continues working with health officials to end coronavirus.

Additional polls will provide at least some insight into how Americans are perceiving Trump vs. Biden. People should expect for the two candidates to exchange more political blows with one another, especially once the general election arrives.
What do you think of the findings from the WaPo/ABC News poll? Do you trust the economy and COVID-19 in the hands of Trump or Biden? Let us know in the comments section below!