Want Another Liberal Meltdown? Trump Should Do What Rand Paul Suggested For The State Of The Union

As the government shutdown officially reaches its four-week milestone, questions about whether or not the State of the Union address should happen are in the air. However, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has a suggestion regarding the delivery of the State of the Union address, according to Townhall.

Paul’s Suggestion for the State of the Union Address

In light of the ongoing government shutdown, members of Secret Service still have yet to be paid. This prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to suggest that President Trump either delay the annual address or deliver it in writing. However, Rand Paul seems to have a different outlook.
During a recent Fox Business interview, the Kentucky senator shared his thoughts on how he believes the president should deliver the aforementioned address in light of the government shutdown:

“We’ll see if it [government shutdown] stands; and if it stands, I’d say he should be invited to speak in the Senate. There are not as many seats. If you had to, you could open up the gallery and have House members, some standing and some in the gallery. You could probably accomodate everyone on the Senate side.”

The Optics

In all honesty, President Trump could and even should take Paul’s suggestion. It’s guaranteed to inspire newfound outrage from the Democrats who have become obsessed with sticking it to Trump no matter what. Moreover, the Democrats are the ones who bear responsibility for the shutdown, seeing as they continue their attempts to stonewall border security and keep passing legislation which they know won’t make it through the Senate or garner a presidential signature.
At this time, whether or not the president hosts the State of the Union address in the Senate currently remains to be seen.
What do you think about Sen. Rand Paul’s suggestion for the State of the Union address? Sound off below and let us know in the comments section!
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