Walmart Goes Woke – Time to Boycott?

According to Christopher Rufo of the City Journal, “Walmart has established a critical race thought training course that condemns the United States as a white supremacist system.”

He goes on to say the Walmart indoctrination “tries to teach white, hourly wage workers they are culpable of ‘white supremacist thought’ and have internalized white hierarchy.”

Woke Madness

In other respects, Walmart is educating its own industrious workers that your moral value is determined by your color of skin. That’s because, to them, if you are white, you are a horrible creature; we understand you are a terrible monster since you are white.

When the USA was rational, assessing people’s character based on their skin color was referred to as rampant racism, which is exactly what this is. However, with the woke fascists in control of Walmart, assessing people’s motives based on their racial color has become a common practice.

It’s no better than telling a person of color their skin demonstrates they’re a thief. It’s also no better than telling a Mexican person their skin color shows they’re lazy and consume too much tequila. This is no different than saying someone’s white complexion proves they’re a bigot.

Walmart has educated over 1,000 employees since the project’s inception, making it required for managers and encouraged for hourly rate employees in retail locations. Walmart said it has “engaged REI for a number of classes since 2018.”

Walmart also “considers these workshops to be thought stimulating and beneficial.” This authoritarian “racial superiority culture,” according to Walmart’s curriculum, can be summed up in a list of attributes.

These attributes include “individualism,” “objectivity,” “paternalistic,” “defensiveness,” “power stockpiling,” “right to relax,” and “worship of the authored word.”

All of these supposedly promote “white nationalism thinking” and “are harmful to both people of color and white folks.”

Are We All Racist?

So, you’re a fascist if you engage in individuality. Individuality is the one thing that made America the most dominant, rich, wealthy, and happy country in existence. It is the very thing that erased hunger, fed the globe, and saved millions of lives with technology and science.

If individuality is racist (which is the philosophical notion that underpins all of my political convictions), then I am the most goddamned white supremacist ever born.

Walmart also teaches its workers that “objectivity” and “the right to comfort” are both discriminatory. Both of those notions are the foundations of modern civilization. Meanwhile, western civilization driven by Judeo-Christian ideals is the most remarkable thing that’s ever happened to humanity.

Consumers have every reason to be furious that Walmart would preach this nonsense to its workers. They have the right to be angry that Walmart would charge its own staff members with racism, but we shouldn’t be concerned.

Wokeness is a denial of human behavior. Human nature is violated by critical race theory. However, like its forefather, McCarthyism, it has a finite shelf life and influence.