Virginia's Democratic Governor's Anti-Gun Package Is Straight-Up Confiscation

Democrats never cease to find new ways to chip away at the rights and freedoms which make America great. Townhall recently reported that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has introduced legislation which essentially serves as a complete ban on so-called “assault firearms.”

A Closer Look at the Recently Introduced Legislation

Put simply, Northam’s endgame is to confiscate guns from Virginia citizens. If he has his way, the process will occur gradually and systematically. This is more than apparent to anyone who objectively views the Virginia governor’s proposed legislation and all which it entails.
The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski shared additional details about Northam’s newly proposed, anti-gun legislation:

On paper, this sounds detailed and nuanced; in plain English, it simply means that Ralph Northam does not want Virginians to have the right to bear arms or defend themselves from harm. The legislation, if successful, is already projected to ripple out to millions of people who own guns. Furthermore, the governor’s proposal would also apply to the majority of firearms.

The Attack on the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment never ceases to be a target for Democrats who are eager to trample on Constitutional rights. It’s interesting because Democrats claim to be the party of working people, but if this were really true, they would understand why it’s so critical for Americans to maintain the right to bear arms.
As long as Democrats like Gov. Ralph Northam continue to target the Second Amendment in creative fashions, they should stop pretending as though they care about anything other than expanding government and increasing their own power.
What do you think about the new legislation being introduced against Virginia gun owners? Sound off with your views in the comments section below!
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