Virginia Protesters Demand End to Stay Home Orders

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Coronavirus lockdowns are on their last leg whether elected officials like it or not. The American people are speaking and will continue to speak.
Protests are breaking out in massive proportions across the nation. Americans will not sit idly by as our jobs, businesses, and livelihoods are ruined by shutdowns; economic decline doesn’t have a recovery rate that exceeds 90%, unlike COVID-19.

Yesterday, Virginia residents gathered with one another in protest, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation. This protest demanded an end to lockdowns and restrictive stay home orders that are ruining lives. This happens after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam extended the state’s stay home order until June 10.

Everything to Know About Yesterday’s Virginia Protest

The protest that took place in Virginia comes on the heels of several other protests in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Similarly to residents in other states, Virginians confirmed their refusal to comply with stay home orders. Protesters furthermore asserted their right to work and noted that with “8.6 million Virginians” opposing “one tyrant” in Gov. Northam, the odds aren’t “in [his] favor.”

Additional participants in the Virginia protests pointed out that the numbers don’t justify lockdowns, especially ones lasting until Northam’s set date of June 10. The protest in Virginia occurs as tens of millions of Americans are forced out of work with seemingly no end in sight. As Virginians pointed out yesterday, the increasingly strict nature of shelter-in-place orders and other lockdowns is trampling on inalienable, constitutional rights.

The Last Leg of Shutdowns

The month of April has marked a rising surge in resistance against lockdowns. As protests across the nation break out, various governors who implemented the shutdowns are facing lawsuits from fed-up Americans who have had enough.

Liberty, freedom, and constitutional rights are not any less imperative in the presence of a virus that over 90% of people recover from. If anything, Americans should be even more vigilant during these times because there are certain folks who truly don’t want to let a good crisis go to waste.
What do you make of yesterday’s protest in Virginia? How do you feel about the rising opposition against stay home and shelter-in-place mandates? Fill us in down below in the comments section below!