Violent Riots Put Local Leaders Under Fire

"Black Lives Matter Protest, Seattle WA" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Kelly Kline

Right now, there are countless Americans in inner cities who are simply not safe. For weeks now, violent demonstrators, riots, and looting have dominated many cities across the nation.

There is seemingly no end in sight to this behavior. Crime is surging within inner cities like Chicago, New York City, etc., across the nation and Democrat mayors are failing to act. Worse yet, local leaders are resisting moves for federal law enforcement to enter these inner cities and put an end to lawlessness.
As crime and violent outbreaks continue, many Americans are shaking their heads at the poor leadership of local officials, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Criticism Towards Local Leaders

One of the biggest points of contention against Democrat leaders in crime-infested cities is their response. Believe it or not, many of these local leaders have failed to acknowledge crime outbreaks, looting, etc., for what they are.

Some mayors have even referred to these violent demonstrations as “peaceful protests.” Police officers in cities like Atlanta are being told to stand down as demonstrators place illegal barriers in the street. On a similar note, the Chicago mayor has refused to openly address the rising shootings and murders on the city’s streets.
Yesterday, House GOP Whip Steve Scalise called upon local leaders to get their act together. During an interview with Fox News, Scalise stated that torching and looting buildings are not acts of peaceful protest. The House Republican Whip also affirmed that people across the country have a right to feel safe in their homes and communities.

Local Leaders vs. Federal Law Enforcement

As crime dominates certain cities across the nation, local leaders and federal law enforcement also remain in a power struggle. Certain mayors appear to believe that they should not have to answer for the crime in their cities; however, the president has made clear that he will not allow rampant lawlessness to persist.
Like Scalise, many other conservatives also continue to note the differences between peaceful protests and violent demonstrations. The former is legal and constitutional; the latter is not.
The president has already ordered federal law enforcement officers to make their way to certain cities; this has also come in spite of objections from certain mayors.
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