Vice President Not in Quarantine, Despite Prior Reports

"Vice President Pence in Wisconsin" (Public Domain) by The White House

The situation of coronavirus continues to be closely monitored. As America gradually reopens and gets people back to work, there are concerns about doing this safely and effectively.
In the past week, several health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have gone into quarantine after contact with coronavirus-positive individuals. Likewise, certain White House aides have also tested positive for COVID-19, with one example being Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant.

Following news that vice presidential spokesperson Katie Miller tested positive for coronavirus, reports of Pence himself being in quarantine rapidly surfaced. However, Washington Examiner confirms that the vice president is not in quarantine and continues to test negative for coronavirus.

The Health Status of Vice President Pence

In light of the vice president’s recent exposure to Miller, he is distancing himself from other individuals. Over the weekend, Pence worked from home and is set to return to the White House later today. It’s also important to note that the vice president has consistently tested negative for COVID-19, despite the positive test results of other individuals.

Devin O’Malley, another spokesperson for the vice president, stated that Pence is testing negative for coronavirus on a daily basis. Moreover came O’Malley’s confirmation that the vice president is not in quarantine, but will maintain his adherence to the White House Medical Unit’s counsel.
Pence’s return to the White House today arrives after him “laying low” this past weekend. Despite the criticism that the vice president has taken from those who believe his should self-quarantine, Pence himself remains in alignment with the advice of medical professionals.
It’s critical to point out that exposure to COVID-19-positive individuals does not automatically doom one to catching the virus. Vice President Pence and President Trump are prime examples of this.
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