Vice President Harris Accused of Undermining Biden for 2024 Presidential Bid


Amidst the swirling political currents as the United States gears up for the 2024 presidential election, a new controversy has emerged from the Democratic camp. Vice President Kamala Harris is facing accusations that she may be positioning herself to replace President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. These suspicions have been fueled by her recent strategic staffing decision, which has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum.

Harris recently appointed Brian Fallon as her Campaign Communications Director, a move that has been interpreted by some as a signal of her presidential ambitions. Fallon, a seasoned political aide with a history of working for high-profile Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Senator Chuck Schumer, is also known for his critical stance on older politicians, including President Biden.

Fallon’s past comments have come back to haunt the current administration, particularly his ageist remarks during the 2019 Democratic primary debates where he mocked Biden’s cognitive abilities. Furthermore, Fallon has been vocal about what he perceives as Biden’s neglect of black voters’ interests, criticizing the President’s priorities in a 2021 interview with the Washington Post.

The Vice President’s actions have led to speculation that she is attempting to distance herself from Biden, who at 81 years old is the oldest president in U.S. history. This speculation was compounded by a report last month from Reuters suggesting that Democrats lack a backup plan for 2024, implicitly positioning Harris as the next in line.

Despite these maneuvers, Harris’s popularity with voters remains a concern for the Democratic Party. Her polling numbers have been less than stellar, causing anxiety among party members about their prospects should Biden become incapacitated or choose not to run for a second term.

Adding to the intrigue, Harris made a pointed comment during a visit to South Carolina, where she filed for Biden to appear on the state’s Democratic primary election ballot. She told CNN, “We’re going to have to earn our reelect, there’s no doubt about it,” a statement that could be read as an acknowledgment of the challenges ahead or a subtle assertion of her readiness to lead.

Critics argue that challenging Harris for the Democratic nomination could be fraught with difficulties, as any opposition might quickly be labeled as racist or sexist, given her status as the first woman of color to hold the vice presidency.

The Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads, with the potential for internal strife as the next election cycle approaches. The question of whether Biden will seek reelection remains unanswered, and Harris’s recent actions have only intensified the debate over the future direction of the party and the country.

As the political drama unfolds, all eyes will be on the Vice President’s next moves. Will she continue to align herself with Biden, or is she laying the groundwork for her own ascent to the presidency? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the road to 2024 will be anything but predictable for the Democrats.