Vax Mandates Devastate Vital Industries


COVID-19 vaccine rules have put some of the country’s most important health and safety organizations in a bind, forcing them to lay off employees who didn’t comply.

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Omicron! It’s all Omicron!

In the wake of the omicron strain, overlapping federal demands for military personnel, state requirements for healthcare professionals, and other private mandates produced an increasingly challenging scenario.

Numbers continue to rise in some states, due to the variant’s significantly increased disease transmission.

President Biden imposed a federal vaccine requirement in August, requiring military personnel in all branches to get vaccinated, as well as a mandate for any company with more than 100 employees.

Although the military claims the number of separations is not a concern, other sectors, such as public health and safety, have struggled to cope with the loss of people.

Each branch of the military had its own timetable, but by Dec. 15, all of the deadlines passed; the services and forces began to divide staff who refused to cooperate or did not qualify for a Medical and religious waiver.

With roughly 10,000 active-duty Marine Corps troops refusing the vaccine and about 94 percent meeting the immunization requirement, the Marines were found to have the highest number of holdouts.

Some non-compliant Marines saw the separations as part of a “political purge” by the Biden administration over ideas they said were protected by the First Amendment.

“The colonel above me had only one warning for me: ‘Tread carefully, this is political, you will be squashed like an ant.’ He explained he did it because he cares about me,” a lieutenant colonel who wishes to remain nameless told Fox News Digital.

“Do I want to keep serving in an organization that punishes people for raising valid reasons in defense of their faith?”

Religion is no excuse

Other Marines reported they were denied religious objections on a blanket basis, with no consideration given to their petitions and merely a letter citing “military preparedness” as the major reason for rejection.

With 98 percent of active-duty personnel receiving a vaccination by the deadline, the Army, Navy, and Air Force had the highest levels of participation.

In January, the Army will begin involuntary separation for those who fail to comply with the rule or who have not been granted an exception.

The military estimated there were about 32,000 troop holdouts in total. Any staff losses could be noticed in services that have allegedly shrunk in size over the last several decades and are facing large-scale threats from China and Russia.

However, when hundreds of healthcare employees faced dismissal for refusing to comply, Biden dispatched over 1,000 military physicians, nurses, and medics to replace the gap in the face of the omicron variation.

This might put military healthcare services under much more strain.