Utah Parents Protest Mandatory Masks in Schools

"Peteetneet School, Payson, Utah" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund

The debate on how and when to reopen schools across America is quickly heating up. Like many other issues stemming from COVID-19, people across the nation remain divided on how they perceive the appropriate means of approaching the 2020-2021 school year.
Some folks remain all for reopening and allowing children to get back into classrooms and around their peers. Individuals with this outlook have noted studies showing the extreme rarity of children transmitting coronavirus.

However, there are others who are all in favor of keeping schools shut down. People who favor this approach claim that online learning will suffice until COVID-19 is under control.
Earlier this week, Utah parents gathered at a Utah County Commission conference to protest a mandate for their children to wear face masks in schools, confirms sources.

Pushback Against Forced Masking in Utah Schools

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R) has mandated that students across the state must wear face masks once schools reopen. Of course, the debate on face masks remains highly contentious.
In some parts of the country, people have gotten into arguments and even physical disputes about wearing masks. Meanwhile, others are filing lawsuits against mandatory masking orders. Now, as the nation debates on how and when to reopen schools, some folks are pushing for young people to be “masked up.”
Utah parents didn’t take too kindly to this which is why they made their voices heard on Wednesday. The parents who attended the conference did not social distance or wear face coverings either, much to the chagrin of the Utah County Commission.

Masking and Children

Many adults have their own issues with wearing masks; however, some people are questioning the health ramifications of children wearing face coverings for hours on end.

Some people believe that issues with rebreathing one’s own CO2 could arise; others simply don’t feel comfortable with the government forcing their children into masks. Parents who attended the Utah County Commission meeting made the case that they should be able to determine whether or not their child wears a mask to school.
This demonstration marks yet another example of people who oppose forced face masking becoming more vocal and outspoken with their concerns. More protests against mandatory masking of children are likely to occur as schools work to reopen their doors.
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