Arizona to Sue the Biden Administration

Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared on Friday his state would fight President Joe Biden’s government.

This comes amid warnings the federal government will take away federal education money, unless Ducey implements a mask requirement for schools.

Arizona must determine their own rules

Ducey appeared on Fox News’ “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, arguing that Arizona should be allowed to use the funds to help pupils, especially those from low-income communities, catch up academically.

MacCallum started with a statement to the US Treasury sent by Conservative Arizona State Attorney Mark Brnovich:

“It should come as no surprise that the United States Treasury Department is once again attempting to overreach its legislative boundaries and prescribe how Arizona should manage and support schools.”

She went on to introduce Ducey, emphasizing that he would be providing an overview of the situation.

“It’s great to see you, Martha. Thank you for inviting me to speak with you. Arizona will bring a case against the administration, against such government overreach and against the ongoing intimidation and assaults on our state,” Ducey responded.

“We’re going to use the funds allocated by Congress to help our children catch up in school. We want the funds to go to parents that are struggling to get their children into a functional school with a teacher in charge.”

“Joe Biden needs to concentrate on the border, supporting Ukraine, and resolving the Afghan problem. Why doesn’t he stay in his national lane and allow us to teach Arizona’s children?”

Biden, according to MacCallum, was interested primarily in how federal funds were spent in areas like Arizona, where state officials decided not to implement mask regulations in classrooms.

Biden says it’s about virus prevention

“What I find interesting about it is the $182 billion that was intended to go to school districts around the country for assessment and prevention,” MacCallum stated.

“We weren’t thrilled with what happens to part of the money,” President Biden acknowledged.

“It’s their spending money however they want once we’ve given it to them. Why is Arizona the only location where they’re paying attention to where the money is going?”

“The unions haven’t been held accountable for the sum of money they’ve been granted. They’re still concentrating on Arizona,” Ducey agreed.

“This president is fascinated with masks and requirements for some reason. He isn’t really interested in arithmetic, reading, or composition.”

“That’s why we’re attempting to get our children up to speed on American citizenship education so they can comprehend federalism. This president is in desperate need of a lesson.”

Arizona will offer summer activities to assist students to make up some of the learning deficiencies caused by school closures and elongated distant learning, according to Ducey.

The governor stated his objective was to make the funding usable so that families can choose the school scenario that best suited their children.