Unbelievable: Dems Just Regulated Toilet Use In New York!

Once again, the perils of big government have reared their ugly head…and in liberal New York of all places.

Americans recently learned that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing for regulations on toilet usage, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know about the Toliet Use Guidance

Apparently, Mayor de Blasio has deemed himself as the arbitrator of what New York City citizens should put in their toilets.  On Tuesday, the mayor put out a guidance which mandates that only feces, urine, vomit and toilet paper ought to be flushed down toilets.

The guidance occurred in the following tweet:

According to de Blasio’s office, “fatbergs” is a play on the words “fat” and “iceberg.” Ultimately, fatbergs constitute as “the masses of congealed grease and personal hygiene products that have been found lingering in sewers around the world.” The New York City mayor’s office goes on to condemn the flushing of condoms, paper towel, and feminine products down toilets. Apparently, these things break down and create additional gunk and waste in sewer systems.

The Bigger Picture

Inevitably, there are certain individuals who will look at what de Blasio is calling for and say, “well what’s wrong with that? There IS too much waste in our sewer systems; limiting what is flushed down toilets would help our environment.

People with this point of view may be well-intentioned, but they are severely missing the point. At what point does the push for government control stop? Will the mayor of New York next issue a guidance on what clothes or foods New Yorkers can purchase? When you starting regulating the lives of the people for the sake of the greater good, there’s a very slippery slope ahead.


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