Ukrainian Man Crawls Out of Grave to Survive Heinous Russian War Crime

A particularly chilling war crime committed against unarmed civilians by Russian troops during Putin’s botched invasion of Ukraine has been exposed.

One of the victims, a 33-year-old man, survived by chance and crawled out of the mass grave where his “dead” body had been tossed by the Russians.

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Harrowing Russian War Crimes Exposed

The Russian troops who were supposed to conquer Ukraine for Putin’s neo-Soviet empire gushed into Ukraine.

However, the Ukrainians defeated the Russian invasion so badly that Putin’s hordes fled altogether. As they retreated, though, they left behind an apocalyptic landscape, testifying to mass-scale crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.

Russian massacres of Ukrainian civilians in towns such as Bucha, Irpin, Motyzhin, and Brovary made global headlines. However, the Russian occupiers inflicted the same horrors in numerous other Ukrainian towns and villages.

In one shocking case from Dovzhyk, a village near Ukraine’s border with Belarus, three local brothers were rounded up, tortured, and then executed by Putin’s brutes early on.

Their “dead” bodies were then tossed in a shallow makeshift mass grave.

Yet, one of the three brothers – Mykola Kulichenko – miraculously survived. He even crawled out of the grave to be able to tell the terrifying story of the Russian war crime, as reported by a war correspondent of The Daily Mail.


Suffocating in Shallow Grave With His Brothers’ Corpses

33-year-old Mykola Kulichenko, and his two brothers Evheniy, 30, and Dmytro, 37, were abducted from their home by Russian soldiers who apparently had been tipped off about the youngest sibling.

Evheniy spent six years as a military medic on the front line in Donbass. Inside the brothers’ home, the Russians found Evheniy’s backpack which he prepared for leaving to join the Ukrainian defenders, amid the invasion.

After the three brothers were abducted, they were taken to Vyshneve, a village 25 miles away. They were held alongside captured Ukrainian soldiers, severely beaten and tortured for three days, before they were taken to a wooded location for execution.

All three were shot dead – except Mykola, the last one to be executed, got lucky as the bullet passed through his right cheek and caused very little damage.

After the three corpses were through in a shallow mass grave, Mykola eventually managed to push aside his brothers’ bodies and dig himself out.

After he crawled out of the mass grave, the Ukrainian, who is a rural laborer by trade, managed to get to the home of a local elderly woman who saved him as a good Samaritan.

The three brothers were abducted on March 18 and executed on March 20.

One of the most harrowing episodes in Mykola’s story is the moment when he started to suffocate in the shallow grave before he managed to push out the soil and his elder brother’s corpse to crawl out.

As Ukraine already started its first three trials of Russian soldiers for war crimes committed against civilian Ukrainians, Ukrainian troops on the frontlines have been given decks with playing cards.

These cards show the faces of Vladimir Putin, Russian officials, and military commanders, all of them suspected of committing war crimes in Ukraine.