Putin Deems Western Sanctions ‘Almost’ Declaration of War

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, who has been destroying Ukraine in a hellish war for 10 days, has issued a grave new threat to the United States and its allies.

Putin claims the western sanctions designed to punish Moscow are practically a “declaration of war,” thus raising serious questions as to whether Putin might directly attack the West, including with nuclear weapons.

‘Like Declaration of War’ on Russia

Western nations have slapped unprecedented financial and commercial sanctions on Moscow because of its military rape of Ukraine.

Speaking on Saturday during a meeting with stewardesses from Aeroflot, the Russian state-owned airline company, Putin escalated his aggressive rhetoric towards the West in an unprecedented manner.

The Russian strongman declared the western sanctions caused by his own aggression against Ukraine “are like a declaration of war”, as cited by Russian state media.

He stated further that “a lot of” the current developments – i.e. the sanctions – are “undoubtedly” a way of “fighting against Russia”.

Putin Makes It Clear ‘No-Fly Zone’ Would Mean War

Putin, however, didn’t stop there. He went further, saying any potential declaration of a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine by a third party would cause Russia to view the respective third party as a participant in the “military conflict”.

The Moscow autocrat left his threat unfinished, without elaborating on the consequences that this might entail on Russia’s side.

However, Putin’s fresh comments certainly echoed the threat he made in the brief video address in which he announced the attack on Ukraine. In it, he stated any country that dares to come to the aid of Ukrainians would face dire “consequences”.

Putin’s latest threat against the West comes on the same day as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s virtual meeting with Congress.

During the Ukrainian president’s meeting with American lawmakers, the plucky 44-year-old leader reiterated his plea that NATO should declare and enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

While Zelenskyy’s call is easily understandable, amid his desperation as Putin’s troops are brutalizing, raping, and exterminating the Ukrainian population, it has been repeatedly rejected by US and NATO officials.

The reason for that is the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Ukraine would necessitate the downing of Russian warplanes by NATO forces.

In turn, this would certainly lead Putin to declare war on NATO. Judging from the Russian tyrant’s current behavior, he might possibly even order a nuclear strike – with the MAD (“mutually assured destruction”) apocalypse scenario kicking in.

US lawmakers from both parties likewise rejected Zelenskyy’s no-fly zone appeal. However,  they did also express all-out support for Ukraine as far as the stepping up of international pressure on Putin’s Russia is concerned.

At this point, the people of Ukraine are doing all they can to fight for their nation.