U.S. Senate Acquits Donald Trump for the Second Time

"Trump Maga Rally in Charlotte, North Car" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Yesterday, the Senate gathered for its final remarks and deliberations. Republicans and Democrats each made their statements; likewise, House impeachment managers and attorneys on Trump’s legal defense team presented their final cases before the Senate.

“Trump on the South Lawn, White House” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

In the days leading up to Saturday’s finale, Republicans warned that there stood no chance of Trump being convicted. Democrats responded to this by arguing that the decision to acquit or convict would ultimately come down to courage vs. cowardice.

On Saturday afternoon, the United States Senate voted to officially acquit Trump for a second time, hence ending the impeachment trial, Breitbart News reports.

The Second Acquittal of Donald Trump

The votes in the Senate impeachment trial ultimately came down to 57 in favor of conviction and 43 in support of acquittal. Every single one of the 50 Democrats in the Senate voted for Trump’s conviction. 43 Republican senators voted to acquit the 45th president, while only seven GOP senators voted for conviction.

With ten votes shy of the necessary two-thirds majority, Trump received an acquittal. Republicans each released public statements explaining their individual reasons for voting as they did. Democrats also followed suit in addition to ripping Republicans who voted for acquittal.

This second impeachment trial against the 45th president trended on Saturday night and remains heavily talked about today. Liberal celebrities in Hollywood took to Twitter to have their meltdowns against the 43 Republicans who didn’t vote to convict the former president.

A Shift from Impeachment Proceedings

Donald Trump is the very first official in national history to be twice impeached and twice acquitted. With the Senate trial now over, Republicans are calling for Congress to move beyond opposing Trump and focus on helping the American people.

During the impeachment trial and even before, polls indicated concerns about furthering political divisions in America. Moreover, a sizable amount of polled individuals agreed that holding the impeachment trial would only worsen division in the country.

With the trial now over, partisan divides are more elevated than ever. On Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood before reporters, flanked by House impeachment managers, and ripped into Republicans whom she called “cowards.”

The GOP, on the other hand, is calling for Congress to move onto policy matters and away from impeachment.

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