U.S. Motorists Warned to Brace For Sustained High Fuel Prices

Inside his latest interview with Fox News, Patrick de Hann (the chief of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy) made it abundantly clear U.S. motorists will not see a respite from high fuel prices anytime in the near future.

Hann anticipates that the trend line fall in prices will not begin until October and that if it performs, it will be moderate at best.

Fuel prices often begin to fall in August when things stabilize, such as children returning to school and holidays coming to a close, according to Michael Hann of Fox Business.

In 2021, meanwhile, there is the worry that the regular seasonal decline may be reduced by the reality that businesses are beginning to see profits by fall, resulting in increased travels.

Millions of Americans moved to work from their house as a result of the epidemic; now that the epidemic appears to be winding down, businesses are looking to get more employees back to their workstations.

According to a recent study of 350 business owners conducted by employment firm LaSalle Network, 70% of respondents expect employees to return to work before winter.

The pandemic has a part to play

De Hann anticipated that, due to the virus outbreak, the shift in traveling habits, prices will not likely fall below $3.00 per gallon till October; furthermore, if they do, rather than returning to the mid- or high twos, there will be a drive to drop below $3.00 per gallon.

Nevertheless, he cautioned that the upcoming storm season might cause so many interruptions that the regular seasonal reduction could be reversed, driving gas prices through the roof.

That’s according to The Energy Agency, the nationwide rate for a gallon of normal fuel has risen 3 cents to $3.12, an almost eight-year high, on June 28.

When questioned if President Joe Biden’s global warming plans are driving up petrol costs, de Haan said it’s uncertain whether it’s an influence in the brief period; this means that even in the long run, the Biden government’s push to go greener will almost certainly have a greater impact.

After coming to power, The President has removed construction licenses for the Keystone pipeline and halted licenses for future oil and gas extraction on government land; he did this all while promising to eliminate oil subsidies and reduce US greenhouse emissions by half by 2030.

Conservatives have attributed the surge in gas costs to Biden and his initiatives

In a statement on July 3, National Republican Committee member Ronna McDaniel said that millions of people are paying the price for Biden’s initiatives; this is happening at the gas pumps as they vacation this long weekend.

Gasoline prices have reached their tallest peak in seven years.

Sen. John Barrasso stated in an editorial on July 2 that poor decisions are creating conditions, such as increased gasoline prices which we haven’t had in a long time; this refers to government plans that Barrasso predicted would weaken American economic prosperity.

He claimed that the Biden government’s enmity toward American energy businesses and employees, who provide a large percentage of the country’s energy, is unparalleled.