U.S. Government Urged to Refund Texas for Border Surge Costs

"Flag of Texas" (CC BY 2.0) by scazon

The border surge continues to worsen and get even more out of hand.

At this point, cartels, criminals, and gangsters are taking full advantage of the fact that America is letting migrants into the United States; the lax immigration policies that have come from President Biden are why children are literally being dropped across the border. 

“Texas Flag” (CC BY 2.0) by rcbodden

Unfortunately, as the U.S. federal government allows this crisis to get even worse, states like Texas are paying the price. Thus far, the Lone Star State has absorbed enormous costs as a result of the border crisis that Biden engendered. 

This is why Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is stating that the federal government needs to reimburse the Lone Star State for incurred border surge costs, per Breitbart News

A Message from Governor Abbott to President Biden

On Thursday, the Texas governor sat down with Fox News. During his interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Governor Abbott detailed the extent to which the border crisis is impacting Texas. 

Per the Republican governor of Texas, state law enforcement is having their resources stretched to the max. Law enforcement officers are issuing arrests, apprehensions, and even going into stash homes perpetrated by cartels illegally entering the nation.

In layman’s terms, Texas officials are now doing the work of the Biden administration. Law enforcement in the Lone Star State is cleaning up the mess of the federal government. This isn’t acceptable and Governor Abbott made that clear yesterday. 

According to Abbott, the cartels are smuggling drugs into Texas, sneaking terrorists into the state, and much more. Needless to say, combatting all of this has engendered considerable expenses for the state of Texas; therefore, Governor Abbott is calling for the federal government to provide appropriate reimbursements to the Lone Star State. 

The Failure and Danger of Open Border Policies

The crises in Texas simply speak to the danger of open border policies.

Thus far, the Biden administration has not responded to the calls from Governor Abbott. The White House also continues to downplay the border crisis, as are the Democrats who claim that referring to the border crisis as a “surge” is tantamount to racism. 

Republicans have remained consistently outspoken against open borders. Now, Americans are witnessing the dangerous consequences of open border policies play out in real life. 

Do you believe the federal government should reimburse Texas for the incurred border crisis costs? Let us know where you stand on this in the comments section below.