U.S. and Blue Lives Matter Flags Vandalized by Anti-ICE Protesters

The left-wing has become nastier and more violent as they express their outrage towards the enforcement of legal immigration. At first, Democrats feigned support for border security, yet branded President Trump’s strategy of building a border wall as ineffective.

Now, with the 2020 presidential election upon us, the left’s true colors have come out. Multiple candidates have outrightly stated that the United States ought to decriminalize the act of illegally entering this country. Democrats also want to provide “free” healthcare to illegals at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.

The progressive outrage is now being directed towards the fine men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as documented by Fox News. On Friday night, various protesters appeared outside of an ICE facility and caused quite a scene. The stunt they pulled comes amidst news that, on Sunday, ICE will commence the deportations of illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave America.

A Closer Look at the Actions of Anti-ICE Protesters

Far-left protesters took it upon themselves to travel to Aurora, Colorado in order to make a scene. To be specific, the individuals on the scene ripped down the American flag, replacing it with a Mexican flag. Then, they tore down the pro-police Blue Lives Matter flag, vandalized it with “Abolish ICE,” and then hung the desecrated flag next to the Mexican flag.

The protests which took place last night happened as part of the “March to Close Concentration Camps” campaign. The goal of this campaign is advocacy for abolishing detention centers at the Southern border and releasing illegal immigrants into the United States.

Progressives who have chosen to rally behind this campaign genuinely believe that there is nothing wrong with sneaking across the border and completely disregarding the United States’ immigration laws. If Democrats had their way, people would quite literally be able to hop over the border and do whatever they want in America.

The vandalism of the flags on ICE’s facility was caught on video and subsequently posted on social media.

See for yourself:

Temper Tantrums from Progressives

There’s been a lot of kicking and screaming from progressives, especially as it pertains to immigration and the enforcement of legal immigration. As of late, Democrats have truly gone off the deep end; weeks ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went as far as to claim that the government is running “concentration camps” at the Southern border. This strongly contrasts with the words of Border Patrol officials who maintain that migrants, adults and children alike, are treated humanely.

In their latest radical shift which goes even further to the left, Democrats have decided that anyone should be able to enter America at will and not face any consequences. This is interesting because the Democrat Party actually used to oppose illegal immigration.

Ultimately, Democrats have abandoned reason on immigration in their attempt to be the anti-Trump party; after all, it’s no secret that the president’s entry into politics was largely launched by his hardline stance on upholding legal immigration and halting illegal immigration.

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