Two Million Migrants Crossed the Border This Year

For the just finished Fiscal Year 2021, US immigration and border security officials are expected to report only about two million migrant interactions across the country. The number of immigrants contacted by border agents and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers increased by 202 percent from 647,000 the prior year.

This is Not Sustainable

As per a high-ranking source working within the Homeland Security Department, CBP investigators and Border Patrol agents met over 1.96 million migrants countrywide during FY21, which concluded on September 30.

A document obtained by Breitbart Texas from the agency shows a record-breaking number of migrant interactions along the US-Mexico border. More than 1.66 million of the roughly 1.96 million immigrants met were captured by US Border Patrol personnel at the south, north, and coastal borders.

This set a record for the agency. This is a 310 percent increase over the prior year’s 405,000 arrivals.

For the nine southern border regions, the data of FY21 made history in the number of migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents. Breitbart Texas stated in late September the previous conviction record of 1.64 million was achieved in FY2000.

Approximately 1.6 million of the nearly two million migrants seen by CBP and Border Patrol in FY2021 occurred as a result of changes in immigration and border security policy, following the inauguration of President Biden.

The data is expected to indicate single adult migrants accounted for more than 1.3 million of the total interactions. This is up approximately 146 percent over the previous year’s figure of a little under 537,000.

Moreover, 616,000 people immigrated from Mexico; approximately 315,000 came from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, which make up the Northern Triangle.

Just with about 484,000 migrants, large families were the second-largest group reported, representing a 545 percent growth. Over 275,000 people came from the Northern Triangle countries.

It’s a Human Crisis

Unescorted minor interactions increased by more than 333 percent. Over 148,000 unaccompanied adolescents were contacted by CBP officers and inspectors, up from 34,000 that year. Over 114,000 people came from the same countries.

An estimated 400,000 migrant “getaways” are not included in the above figures. The figure is derived from the number of migrants who manage to avoid being apprehended, despite being detected by monitoring systems.

Traditional sign-cutting techniques are also used by Border Patrol agents to detect footprints. However, it is not a perfect investigative procedure; sources claim the actual number of those who have gotten away is usually larger.

DHS Commissioner Alejandro Mayorkas said in a media interview on September 26 the rise in misgivings is really nothing new. “We are absolutely seeing a significant number this year, but we saw a large amount in 2019,” Mayorkas told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

The assertion is contradicted by the fact the total number of immigrants misgivings along the southwestern border with Mexico is more than any previous year detention statistic; this dates back to 1925 when border agents arrested 22,199 migrants, mostly on horseback.