Trump’s Declaring A National Emergency To Build The Wall — Here’s What You Need To Know

As of today, President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in order to build a wall along the Southern border and end illegal immigration, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the National Emergency Declaration

Earlier this morning, the president announced his decision to declare a national emergency after weeks of an impasse with Democrats who refused to provide the required $5.7 billion dollars for his promised border wall. The national emergency declaration comes as Trump accepted the bipartisan legislation which only gave $1.375 billion dollars for border security construction.

The declaration ensued due to Congress’ inability to work with the president or accept any of the compromise legislation which he has initiated. As a result of the national emergency, President Trump will be able to use capital from unmarked Department of Defense funds. Of course, Democrats have already announced their intentions to fight the president on the national emergency. Trump acknowledged the possibility of the national emergency making its way to the Supreme Court, but ultimately maintains that he will win in the end.

Officials of the White House have also already stated that any attempts to override the president’s national emergency declaration shall be met with vetoes.

What Led Up to This?

The national emergency declaration comes after months of ongoing battles between President Trump and Democrat leaders. The president put forth multiple paths for Congress to get on board and provide funding without a national emergency.

During the most recent government shutdown, Trump even initiated a compromise immigration bill which would have provided relief to illegal immigrants brought to the United States as minors; of course, Congress would have provided the $5.7 billion dollars for the wall in exchange. Democrats immediately shut it down before the president even finished making the announcement of the legislation to the American people.

We’ve reached a crossroads. The United States cannot allow illegal immigration to run rampant. Individuals who wish to enter our nation must do so by following the laws of the land. Since Democrats have made it clear that they’re not on board with this, the only option left is a national emergency declaration.


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