Trump: "What Do You Do" If You Defund the Police?

"President Trump Signs an Executive Order" (Public Domain) by The White House

Police officers continue to come under siege from the radical left in America. To date, the Democrat Party is shamelessly acquiescing to a base that screams “defund the police.”
Multiple Democrat mayors have confirmed that they will, in fact, reduce funding to police departments in their cities; sadly, this is all beginning to look like a descent into anarchism.

Conservatives and other patriotic Americans are largely pushing back against the leftist mob. Level-headed individuals acknowledge that while a small minority of police officers may do the wrong thing, completely defunding the force is not the answer.
Furthermore, the decision to demonize law enforcement as systemically racist is neither accurate nor productive. This is why President Trump came to the defense of the police force yesterday, stating that our nation will not be defunding law enforcement, explains Breitbart News.

Reviewing Trump’s Remarks on Law Enforcement in America

The president’s statements about police arrived while gathering with religious leaders at a Dallas-based church.
During this period, Trump acknowledged the need to “confront bigotry and prejudice” without wrongfully writing off all of law enforcement as evil. Moreover, the president pointed out the manner in which Democrats are using the death of George Floyd to push a radical and dangerous agenda.

Some reforms suggested by President Trump include the following: more economic development and capital in communities of color, mental health services for law enforcement officials, and better equipment and training for police.
While spending time in Texas yesterday, the president made very clear that under no circumstances will America “defund the police.”
What do you think lies ahead for the law enforcement community in America? What do you think it will take to get the far left mob under control? Give us your ideas in the comments section below!